Bulk Card | Thornhill/Markham

Within Range Golf Centres Thornhill offers prepaid bulk card for our Jumbo Bucket. Each jumbo bucket is filled with 112 quality range balls. Balls can be used in both mat and real grass area. The bulk card offer the best bang for the buck and is ideal for frequent golfers who want to practice more golf any time they want.


Bulk Card

Available in 10J, 20J, 30J, 40J

Great Value

Bulk card can be purchased/reloaded and points on the card never expire

10 Jumbo Buckets

  • $225.00
  • $199.12+HST
  • 1120 Balls
  • No Expiration

20 Jumbo Buckets

  • $440.00
  • $389.39+HST
  • 2240 Balls
  • No Expiration

30 Jumbo Buckets

  • $645.00
  • $570.80+HST
  • 3360 Balls
  • No Expiration

40 Jumbo Buckets

  • $840.00
  • $743.37+HST
  • 4480 Balls
  • No Expiration

How it works?

Within Range Bulk Card is a credit based system. Every time you buy/refill your card, the purchased credits will be deposited into your card/account.

You can then use your credits to get balls.

For example, when you buy a “10J”, you will receive “30” points.

You can reload your card anytime you want with any amount you need. The more you buy, the more saving you will get.

  • "Small Bucket" cost "1" point
  • "Large Bucket" cost "2" points
  • "Jumbo Bucket" cost "3" points